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weed cigar
i rolled 16 kind bud blunts and faced them all!
by bluntsmith March 05, 2003
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a hollowed-out cigar filled with marijuana
"Rolled a blunt and smoked it.", "Pass the blunt."
by Dianara SHERRY June 28, 2014
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When a person is blunt, just remember; they are not joking, and they prefer not to try and edge it around to make it sound easy. They tell it straight, and will always tell it straight. Even if your feelings are gonna be hurt, who gives a damn, take it like a wo/man.
Troy: Damn, I guess that was pretty blunt how John told that girl he didn't want to go out with her.

Jake, (Blunt Person): Who gives a fuck? It was online anyway.
by Jay RH February 05, 2013
2 2
in most parts of england: a mix of just weed wrapped in rolling papers

in most parts of america and some parts of england: a mix of weed and baccy or just weed wrapped in a cigar wrap, normally flavoured.
In England : Hey guys, wanna smoke a blunt today as im out of baccy?

In America : Hey guys, i got some swishers, wanna smoke a blunt?
by wiz_fan_tgod February 09, 2012
2 2
A cigar that has been gutted and filled with some sweet herb. Often leads to crazy thoughts or or obscene actions. Only a true professorial should atempt a blunt.
Fizzo lets roll a blunt with that dank you scored last night
by 815ballabong May 16, 2011
1 1
US. a hollowed out cigar filled with Weed

UK. a joint made with pure cannabis
lets have a toke on that Blunt
by bazzaaa May 09, 2011
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combo of bitch slut cunt
Girl: look at that blunt
by slitchluv November 30, 2010
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