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when someone kicks you directly between the balls, causing extreme crushig of the sac. A shoe burn on the shaft of the penis is also common.
paul kicked me in the googles while we were playing ro-sham-bo
by moma April 07, 2003
A large woman that has several fat rolls. The reason they are called busted sofa's is because they wear skin tight clothing.
Christian Carson is a busted sofa
by moma March 28, 2003
cigar paper rolled aound a copious amount of ganja.
"cheyenne and amanda smoked the whole blunt out on brush wood."
by moma March 26, 2003
double the shiznizzle.
shiznizzlenizzle dawg.
by moma February 14, 2005
abvove average sized joint, known to shred your lungs like swallowing glass
"cheyenne stop hoggin the spliff!"
by moma March 26, 2003

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