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One of the few places in America where rich white kids and poor black men cooexist.
New Haven is where Uncle Tom goes to die.
by Tobey January 10, 2006
One of the best jazz pianists of our time. Writer of such famous tunes as Chameleon, Maiden Voyage, Eye of the Hurricaine, Palm Grease and Watermelon Man. Innovator in the fusion genre and writer of many really badass funk grooves.
Herbie Hancock is so badass he can turn shit into gold.
by Tobey March 20, 2004
Someone who is part Korean and part Negro; Russ Ruth.
Russ Ruth is a Koregro.
by Tobey March 20, 2004
When several small men suck dick in an open field.
Sean Murphy and his CIT friends pulled a Hobbits in the Shire one night at Camp Sequassen.
by Tobey March 18, 2004
A sex act in which the participants willingly have intercourse in a bathtub full of feces resulting from diahrea.
Greg Gauvin was turned on by that bitch's tits, so he offered her a brown bath back at his place.
by Tobey March 18, 2004
1. Father of Michael and Noah Mishkin, bassist, living legend
2. The unmentionable organs of one Harold Mishkin
3. See also, God
1. I jammed with Harry Mishkin once. It was fun, but after a while he wouldn't let me leave!
2. One time, when he was walking around naked in the leader's cabin, I saw his Harry Mishkin!
3. Harry Mishkin's son was jewish and died for our sins.
by Tobey March 18, 2004
A sex act in which a man ejaculates onto his sex partner's head. Usually done to bald people.
I jerked off while the bitch squatted under my cock, I gave her a huge crown of pearls.
by Tobey March 18, 2004

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