The greatest thing ever, see also L.
We smoked a blunt like spades down at Pleasant Point, it was phat.
by tobey March 13, 2005
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Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana, can be smoked in public (somewhat)inconspicuously.
Montel was sittin' on the porch all day, sippin' his 40 and smokin' blunts.
by Loremaster September 17, 2002
It's kinda like a Thanksgiving turkey. you cut it, gut it, and stuff it, but after you're done you're really hungry
don't bogart that blunt
by CoryG May 02, 2006
A cigar that has been hollowed and refilled with marijuana. The term 'blunt' was originally derived from the preferred brand of cigars for this operation, Phillies Blunts.
"I twist a blunt tighter than those bitches in Havana!" - Uncle Elroy, 'Next Friday'
by LazyBlaze May 07, 2003
is a hollowed out cigar replacing the tabacco with ganja (or commomly known as weed) & re-rolling to the orginal blunt like state (the trend started in the early to mid 80's in the inner cities & ghettos of U.S)
Getting ready for an all night studio session, Me'sha & Baybe spent the latter part of the day rolling Blunts & drinking Moet laced with PassionFruit Alize.

"How to roll a Blunt" a popular song by RedMan.
"Let's all roll a blunt and get fcuked up"
by baybephatphat August 10, 2003
Any brand of store bought cigar (phillies, white owls, swishers, or the "leafy" kinds like optimo or garcia y vega or el producto) that is cut open, the tobacco dumped out, and refilled with weed. Makes potheads happy, but pisses off those poor little migrant workers that slave all day cutting that damn tobacco. Blunts are a great habit to enjoy all day, every day.
1) I sit on my couch and blaze blunts with my peoples whenever I ain't at work, or just by my damn self, I don't give a FUUUUUUCK!!!
2) I ain't smoking no schwag in my blunt! Nigga you must be crazy! Now pass the hydro!
by sexie chocolate December 23, 2004
when you empty a cigar and throw weed in it and get high as a mother fucker
damn, im high off 'dis blunt!
by spriggan March 03, 2003
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