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A skateboard trick where the rider performs a kickflip off the nose of the skateboard. It is a very difficult trick because you pop the board with the foot you usually flip with and you flip the board with the foot you usually pop with. Not to be confused with the fakie flip.
TJ hucked a buttery-ass nollie flip over a handrail in that video
by kickflipdude July 02, 2011
A. round, not sharp (adjective)
B. a cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana which enables one to smoke weed in public

C. abbreviated form of a bluntslide, which is a skateboard trick performed on rails/ledges
Chris was smoking a blunt and decided to front blunt a handrail but got beaten to death by a man with blunt objects :'(
by kickflipdude August 20, 2011
zits on a tit (a nasty turn-off, no matter how big the tit)
We all see Alicia's tit zits when she wears a bikini. She currently has no boyfriend.
by kickflipdude July 22, 2011
1. Stands for cock-sucking bitch. A good way to insult women while in the presence of the ignorant masses.

2. Cool Story Bro. A sarcastic response to a lame story.
1. Bob: Nancy said that I can't be unsupervised because I'm not 18.

Spencer: What a CSB
2. Joey: Dude yesterday I skated down my street!

Billy: CSB
by kickflipdude June 22, 2011
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