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The term BLumkin is when a man is sitting on the toilet taking a shit. And has his woman come in and give him head during the act of shitting.
"Bitch get your ass in here and give me a blumkin!"
by Gary B January 12, 2005
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getting a blowjob whilst taking a stinky Shit.
Anthony really enjoyed it when christy gave him that blumkin last night.
#blowjob #anal #shit #cum #asshole
by vanhorn April 09, 2007
The act of receiving a blowjob while on the toilet pooping.
Sandy gave Jerry a blumkin.
#blumkin #blowjob #shit #poop #blumpkin
by Evan Foott May 22, 2007
The act of receiving very tempting oral sex, commonly know as a blowjob, while expelling fecal matter on a toilet seat. It is common at most social gatherings such as house parties, where Mexican black beans are served, along with very erotic females walking around.
"Bitch, put that phone down and give me a blumkin!"

Sebastian gets a little cranky when his girlfriend refuses to give him a blumkin.

Kathy was forced to comfort Lewis when he was constipated by gently stroking his penis and giving him a blumkin.

I had a chalupa with extra spicy beans and I had to go release my stinky brownies in the potty room. I was having a painful struggle getting Mr. Poopie out, then all of a sudden Madeline came in. She grabbed my Mr. Wiggles and started sucking on it. At that moment, I realized I was getting a blumkin. Now I am popular just like the other douchebags in my 4th grade class.
#penis #dick #blowjob #toilet #crap #dump #shit #cock #head #feces
by superpooper June 13, 2008
Getting a blowjob while taking a crap.
I was on the shitter smoking a fattie and that bitch came up and gave me a blumkin.
#bathroom blow #toilet head #brown and blow #shit and skeet #multitasking
by Bullitt Bob March 19, 2009
taking a nice shit while your woman is sucking your cock
Me and Susie blumkinated last night.
#blumkin #blumkina #brown chin syndrom #shits with cock #bj on tb
by Chashkey January 07, 2009
To receive a blumpkin while thinking about the life and work of Yakov Blumkin, a Russian spy and revolutionary who was executed in 1929.
While receiving a blumpkin, Boris pondered the immortal last words of Yakov Blumkin, "Long Live Trotsky!"
#blumpkin #shit #toilet #blowjob #russian
by Vlad the Blumkinator September 13, 2010
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