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3 definitions by nickqz

the act of receiving head while taking a shit
Gerry (on the phone with Joe): "Dude I'm so horny, but I'm stuck on the toilet taking a massive shit."

Joe: "If I were you I'd get my girlfriend to give me a blumkin."

Gerry: "Oh yeah!! It's the perfect combination of the two things I love: sitting on the toilet and getting my dick sucked."
by nickqz October 10, 2009
To say something is WIN is to say it is cool. Derived from the phrase ftw which is 'for the win'
Harry: "Hey man, you catch the game last night?"

Nick: "Yeah!! It was WIN!"
by nickqz October 10, 2009
cool, awesome; as defined by Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report
Skater: "Dude I just did a 360 heelflip... blindfolded!!"

Skater #2: "Woah man, that's massive!"
by nickqz October 10, 2009