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Term one uses in reference to the male genitalia; a term of endearment males use in reference to their own penis.
"Hey baby, Mr. Wiggles wants to say hello to you personally."
by Angelic_Sherry September 18, 2005
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The Nickname of a Zombie that leg that been blown off and crawls around on the floor. Mostly used by Call of Duty Block Ops.
Player 1 " Someone feed more Mr. wiggles so he doesn't bleed out."
by Schiffer74 May 29, 2011
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the nickname that one can give to ones own penis. advise and written on AF underwear.
i was so stressed when i came home that i had to drain Mr. Wiggles of all his juice.
by scribbles-maggibbles October 18, 2008
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The act of inserting one's index finger unexpectedly into the anus of a female, then wiggling it around in a random motion.
I gave that German chick the Mr. Wiggles last night, she loved it.
by Angry B September 18, 2006
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ludicris's nickname when he does somthig stupid
1)mr. wiggles shot a man today
2) mr. wiggles suck a guys cock today
by tim casel March 29, 2006
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