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anything that seems like its irreparably damaged, like a computer when it gets the blue screen of death.
Our relationship had totally bluescreened, so i broke up with him.
by mrpf May 06, 2008
To be confused; to cause confusion.
Matt was totally blue-screened when they asked him for directions to the airport.

If you want to blue-screen Matt, ask him for directions to the airport.
by Auntie Ashley January 04, 2009
v. looking at porn and causing the computer to crash. 90% of all blue screen occurences are a result of fapping research.
I was fapping with about 37 windows open and blue screened. You know computers, help a brotha out?
Only if you don't touch me and I'll be using my own keyboard.
by jonjacobjinglehimersmit456 April 06, 2011