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A person from Nova Scotia. Contrary to popular belief, the schooner Bluenose was named after the people of Nova Scotia, not vice-versa. The term has been in use since at least the late 18th-century.
...I just got back from a weekend in Halifax. Man, those Bluenosers like to drink!
by fernguts November 18, 2009
Somebody who sucks up to cops way too much.
These blue nosers need to realize that wearing a uniform doesn't make somebody a saint.
by Logic316us October 19, 2008
A Nova Scotian, used in reference to the Blue Nose fishing, and racing Schooner, that won the Lipton's international Fishermen's Race a total of 17 times. The Ship was rebuilt to original plans as the BluenoseII, and is a provincial Icon
Hey you going down to the Lower Deck? Absolutely Keith's draft is on special. Jeez you Bluenoser's drink like the fish don'tcha.
by nolanderthal February 09, 2012
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