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A person from Nova Scotia. Contrary to popular belief, the schooner Bluenose was named after the people of Nova Scotia, not vice-versa. The term has been in use since at least the late 18th-century.
...I just got back from a weekend in Halifax. Man, those Bluenosers like to drink!
by saltysmith November 18, 2009
66 7
A Nova Scotian, used in reference to the Blue Nose fishing, and racing Schooner, that won the Lipton's international Fishermen's Race a total of 17 times. The Ship was rebuilt to original plans as the BluenoseII, and is a provincial Icon
Hey you going down to the Lower Deck? Absolutely Keith's draft is on special. Jeez you Bluenoser's drink like the fish don'tcha.
by nolanderthal February 09, 2012
4 11
Somebody who sucks up to cops way too much.
These blue nosers need to realize that wearing a uniform doesn't make somebody a saint.
by Logic316us October 19, 2008
3 10
Mike Farinacci
by anonymous May 12, 2003
6 59