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A person from Nova Scotia. Contrary to popular belief, the schooner Bluenose was named after the people of Nova Scotia, not vice-versa. The term has been in use since at least the late 18th-century.
...I just got back from a weekend in Halifax. Man, those Bluenosers like to drink!
by fernguts November 18, 2009
When Thierry Henry used his hand to set up a goal in the World Cup qualifying match between France and Ireland on Nov 19/09.

It is akin to the "Hand of God" goal that Dieggo Maradonna scored to eliminate England from the 1986 World Cup, except that this time it was a Frenchman.
Irish eyes aren't smiling, thanks to the hand of frog!
by fernguts November 20, 2009
British slang for Germans, especially during WWI, to imply their "barbarian" nature.

AKA Fritz, Gerry, Krauts, or Square-heads

It's especially funny given that the actual historical tribe known as Huns weren't Germanic at all.
The Hun is feeling snug behind his barbed-wire, but the Tommies will root him out soon.
by fernguts March 03, 2011
A robotic offshoot of humanity that is only concerned with four things: gym, tan, laundry, and "smooshing".
Best exemplified by the characters on the TV show Jersey Shore.

If encountered in the wild, do not startle them, and do NOT accept the offer of a drink.
Yo yo yo! We tandroids be doin' GTL before hittin' the clubs! It's a Joisey thang!
by fernguts March 30, 2011

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