redneck f'ucking.
Hey Y'all, ya her about Ellie-May and Cletus? they BLUCK'D at the hoedown after drinkin' a whole jug a' moonshine last sunday night afta church.
Top Definition
a combination of "blah" and "yuck" used to express extreme disgust
That burger was bluck.
by Jasmine Pearl December 01, 2003
A Combination of Fucked, Plucked, and Bucked.

Definition 1: to get shot.

Definition 2: To get fucked up.

Definition 3: To kill someone.
Definition 1:

Gangsta: "Damn homie, I was rollin' through Crip turf an' I damn near got blucked!"

Definition 2:

G 1: "Muthafucka I'ma fuck you up!"
G 2: "Bitch bring it, yo' ass is about to get BLUCKED!"

Definition 3"

Homie 1: "Ayo, I jus' saw that bitch you beefin' with stroll by..."

Homie 2: "Oh fa sheezy? Lemme get my strap, I'ma BLUCK this muthafucka!"

by HyphyCanada December 12, 2008
The last name of a very cool group of people. Most of the known ones in the world are farmers. They are great people to be around.
I had a great time with the Bluck family.
by Allie Ater October 14, 2008
To blow and suck at the same time.
that Scarface game blucked.
by bobbobbob July 30, 2007
implying extreme disgust.
His dinner was so bluck he spit it inside his napkin and threw it away.
by dksalgjaob May 21, 2007
A blend: blow + suck = bluck. (v) To simultaneously blow and suck. Can be used to describe very good, or contrarily very bad, blowjobs.
1.) S/he blucks great!
2.) S/he blucks so hard I came out of it with a blood-blister on my <insert appropriate genitalia here>
by Greyson December 11, 2007
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