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The ultimate in anything! Better then "da bomb" its "da schnizzle"
"that girl is the schnizzle!" "this place is the schnizzle!"
by D_daddy_M October 29, 2003
Can be used in to replace ANY other noun and has therefore it can have almost any meaning.
You are the schnizzle! What is this schnizzle? Please put some schnizzle on my tacos.
#shizzle #stuff #shnizzle #thing #lee
by Schnizzle1 September 18, 2013
A 'Schnizzle' is a male with a small penis whom makes love to his women. Mainly happens in Tasmania Australia.
Generally one women in a mothers group picking kids up from school will say "I'm going home to my Schnizzle tonight". What she means is "I'm going home to make love with my man who has a tiny tockley!".
#micro penis #cocktail #bees dick #whizz #its a what
by Big Schnizzle June 29, 2012
Adding sizzle to your playing
We were schnizzling out there!
If we want to keep the audience's attention, we have to Schnizzle
#sizzle #performance #playing #musical #violin
by Frontier Strings January 11, 2009
Cool. The best possible. Substitute for "sh!t".
That's ride is the schnizzle.
by HomeBoy C July 23, 2003
A word white people use to pretend they are African American. Broken down the word would mean: For Sure Nigga or Shit Nigga, but since white people can't say that word, this is a white man's way around the BAD word.

Basic definition of the word is: I concur with my friend who also wishes to be a wanna be oreo.
Fo Schnizzle homey. That shit was awesome!
#agree #concur #shnizzle #yes #sure
by Stvizzle September 15, 2006
(verb) To snort/nut/shit/izzle
"Schnizzle my bumhole" says Sally
by rachyourbooty May 17, 2005
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