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The sound a human penis makes as it ejaculates, according to comedian Doug Stanhope.
This is a physical manifestation of my love for you...BLORT!
by Bambooklyn June 14, 2009
The sound eminated from a live fish flopping on the sand as his eyes pop out when you step on him to put a halt to his flap dancing.
Andrew: "Woah Brendan that's a lot of fish you caught!" Brendan: "Yeah nucka.... Hey, one jumped out of the bucket! Grab him Andrew!" Suddenly: BLORT!!! Andrew and Brendan: "Fuckin' Robert, you didn't have to step on him so hard, you twadge!!
by Dakeboy 59 November 06, 2011
Very similar to Jorts, only difference is the color of the material. Black jean shorts, otherwise known as blorts. Then, this leads to bleans, but that's something else all to itself.
I noticed a gentleman admiring some jorts, then he found some blorts that took his breath away.
by Johnny! April 28, 2008
A loud, explosive fart that may require a change of underwear.
OMG, my boss totally blorted during the meeting! I think he left a skid mark!
by coyote420 May 31, 2010
This actually is a BLT(Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) with the addition of onion and sliced radish. That really makes a classic sandwich a real taste treat!. Bacon, Lettuce, Onion, Radish, and Tomato sandwich or BLORT!!
I"ll have a BLORT Please, Toasted and with Mayo!
by jayjaycooksgood June 21, 2009
Sound effect originally attributed (by myself) to Now used as a general word with many applications, such as an expression of disgust or an emphasis of something disgusting or displeasing.
Some Person: Shit I just crapped my pants!!
You: blort.
by NecroVMX June 28, 2003
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