A blort is a domesticated animal that exhibits three of the seven deadly sins (gluttony, greed and sloth) constantly and simultaneously. Can also be used for humans if the human is particularly blortish.
Garfield is such a blort!
by Sean Malherbe October 08, 2007
A response to a statement that you did not understand

someperson: I think the framajam requires fenestration
you: Blort?
someperson: What?
you: Exactly
by microfinedroplettechnology February 26, 2007
A combination of blow and snort. Used to describe the action of blowing liquid from the mouth out through the nose, usually in response to something totally unexpected and/or funny.
A was chatting with my brother, when he put up a Carlinism, and I blorted my soda all over my keyboard. It took me an hour to clean it off!
by macdude72 October 29, 2008
the act of farting, flatulence, breaking wind etc. while getting oral sex performed on you by your partner(s)
he blorted as she gave him a blow job
by Blorter January 19, 2009
Has always, and will always, mean an anal transaction believed to be a fart, but it comes out hot and wet (e.g. a single and surprise shot of trouser chili). OFten caused by drinking too much with a bad combination of food.
(Note: Blort Bake is a dried blort from the night before)
Damn, dude, I blorted in my shorts. I've gotta get back to the crib...
by Moondot October 16, 2006
1. (noun) A rapid expulsion of air from an orifice, accompanied by a farting sound.
2. (verb) To talk with too much passion, usually in the form of a short utterance.
3. (adjective) blorted. Simultaneously bloated and prone to snorting.
1. A blort from the tailpipe sounded
his departure.
2. "I love jelly beans!", he blorted.
3. After eating three packs of
twinkies, he found himself blorted
almost beyond recognition.
by wscottc August 19, 2005
Blort is an onomatopoetic term for the sound of a dog farting while asleep.
Dog: *blort*
You: Stick a cork in it, Pugsley!
by blorthorc October 07, 2003
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