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Nauseated or feeling malaise. Combined derivative of blah and urgh.
I'm not sure what's wrong, I'm just feeling blorg.
by Keiran Halcyon October 05, 2004
In an online conversation, one may say "blorg" to show he has nothing to say or is annoyed by the subject.
- Lol, do you think I should ask her out? She seemed to look interested, didn't she?
(short silence)
- Blorg
by clarinini July 26, 2009
Affectionate chattering with a hint of sexual tension.
Stephanie: Who you texting?
Lucinda: Ronald...look what he said!
Stephanie: I would say that's cute's just a it blorg.
by catholly January 17, 2011
The noise you make when you are finally convinced that a chode is not a mythical creature.
BLORG!!! Lefko's a chode!
by Blorg Man Chode April 11, 2009
verb: the nicer cousin of "bash" and "pummel", it means to smack someone over the head with a gigantic wet noodle
If you don't shut up I'll blorg you to death!
by Vertigo January 09, 2004
The sound the stuffed monkey makes when danny throws it against the computer monitor after brutally molesting it for 2 hours straight.
Damnit, Danny, I'm tired of hearing blorgs coming from your room all night! Quit man-handling Bylum! He can't take rape, he's a fragile monkey, you sicko!
by Danny_likes_David's_monkey January 21, 2004
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