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A limp dick, especially while in the process of intercourse.
Damn man, I gotta lay off the alcohol. I stay fuckin my girl with a wet noodle.
by NUFFSAID April 18, 2006
A word that is used when someone can't inflict damage because they're weak or using a weak weapon.
- Check out this Desert Eagle I bought yesterday, this beauty can deal some serious damage!
- Dude, that's an airsoft gun. It will hit like a wet noodle...
by Cpt. Douchebeard June 19, 2013
A person who is heterosexual until generally drunk or sometimes just really horny, at that time, the person tends to have gay encounters. Like a noodle, the person is straight until wet.
-Did you hear Erika hooked up with Rachel last saturday?

-Yeah, that's Erika's sixth drunk lesbian hookup. She is such a wet noodle.
by lilraerae March 29, 2009
A period of stumbling after a boxer is stunned in a match.
Joe: Oh my, he is having some trouble in there, he can't even stand straight. He's dancing around in that classic wet noodle fashion.

Teddy: Oh yeah Joe, and it's not al dente, it's really really wet noodles.
by MPprince September 02, 2009
A Wet Nigga.
Person #1: Look at Tyron Swimming in the pool, While were trying to eat KFC.
Person #2: Yeah he's a stupid wet noodle.
by Bnasty2285 September 09, 2008
A wet noodle is taking a hit of weed, followed by a shot of hard liquer and a full beer before exhaling.
- Let's do some wet noodles and get fucked up.
- Fa shizzle, you freak bitch.
by danmaftei November 23, 2006
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