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To fall asleep at the computer.
I fell asleep at my computer last night. I slept like a blog.
by Doodles505 January 04, 2012
Blog (or weblogs) were originally intended to link the interesting URLs found on the Internet and provide some commentary on those. In addition they provided reader with feedback possibility in the comment- section.

Currently the word blog is ubiquitous term to online diary, an unappealing personal webpage or electronic collection of (short) notes which closely resemble reference material for mental patient medical record.

Most of the blogs are visited by randomly stumbling visitors or someone familiar with author reading the blog entries out of morbid interest.
"Today I wrote on my blog about the queuing in the local grocery store and the service I received".
by Uuhaa100 September 29, 2011
blobs are shit.

Say you google something, you come across a blog which in the little info given on google to have the exact answer for what you're looking for. Say you google "How to sit down" , you see a blog as one of the options and in the info it says "How to sit down, first...) so you think "oh thats what i want" and click on it. you're greated by this style

how to sit down is well known but if you need a specific idea on how to do so then

how to sit down

*** So you think "Oh, ill click that..it's what i want." You're greated by another shitty blog ***

if you were directed here because you don't know how to sit down then click here please.

*** "Oh which do i click, I guess "here" BAM ANOTHER BLOG WITH THE SAME SHIT FORMAT! ***

we can't be assed to answer that question right now so please visit the correct site.

by clicking here

*** "OH GOD DAMNIT FUCK YOU BLOGS!!!" clicks there ***


me: blogs are fucking piles of shit
by policejihad January 20, 2008
n., a rare opportunity to broadcast ones views to the entire world while remaining virtually certain that nobody is listening.
Writing a blog is somewhat like keeping a handwritten diary. It’s just that with diaries, the even the most hopeful author does not daydream or imagine that millions of people are anxiously reading his every word.*

*Except in of course in cases of extreme paranoia.
by Adamc387 November 12, 2006
when you're wandering in the woods with your lover and you give him a blow job while perched on a log.

bj + log = blog
"Hey Sarah, what did you do this weekend?"

"Oh man, I was such a hussy. My man and I camped out in the woods and I gave him a blog."
by hangingoutthinkingoffunnywords November 11, 2011
a euphamism for cock or penis...
I'm going to play with my blog.
by stcharlesdude August 09, 2011
some of the best places to find advice, leave a comment on this one and they return it within 24 hours! It's kind of new and you can ask them anything! I love blogs! dearsarahohboy.blogspot.com

Best blog ever
by shrinkydinkyyy November 26, 2010