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A cross between a coakley and pocahontas.
Known to dress up as an Indian princess.
Also likes to whore it up with European settlers that stray into the area.
White Settler 1: "Coakahontas is a dirrty bitch."
White Settler 2: "I know did you see it trying to suck on its scrotum and poo in its hand, sick."
by chenzo August 31, 2006
A really trendy article of clothing, which first became a fashion statement when worn by Vince in Dunedin.
Look at that Urban Camo that guys wearing, thats fashion.
That guy has singlehandedly revolutionised fashion.
Go Vince.
by chenzo August 30, 2006
A word that can be used to mean anything.
Especially useful when used as a substitute for a profanity.
Blogg off you loser.
Get Blogged.
What a Blogg.
by chenzo August 30, 2006
A private school boy who is a chronically homophobic, but at the same time enjoys playing with his penis in front of other males.
Did you see that guy pulling a wazza last night?
He was actually touching other guys penises.
I think he's gay.
by chenzo August 30, 2006
A Blair is a total womaniser.
Women find him totally irresistable.
Once they kiss him he's guaranteed to have sex with them.
That guy is a total Blair.
She doesn't stand a chance.
by chenzo August 30, 2006

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