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To share information or files over the internet.
Phil broadcast the file from his computer.
by Philip October 07, 2003
Term often used in a pejorative sense meaning to dress, talk and act in a stereotypically gay manner so as to attract the attention of potential same-sex mates.
She’s wearing a plaid flannel shirt but she also has a lot of make-up on. It’s hard to tell whether or not she’s broadcasting.
by Hairy Mammal September 14, 2006
"broadcast" the thing that gets put on a woman folowing an accident involving broken bones
by billybob101 October 05, 2003
A special brace made for females who won't watch their mouth.
After Francine called Ronald a "Sexual Deviant," she returned days later with a broadcast around her neck.
by Pandaxander the Great September 06, 2009