the act of receiving a blowjob while taking a shit, usually sitting on the toilet.
"My shit smelled so bad, she started to gag halfway through the blimpy"
by cuddlerat April 20, 2005
Top Definition
Fat or overweight or plump, especially in reference to a fat chick or big tits.
Look at that girl in the low cut top by the bar. She's rather blimpy, with those big jugs spilling out everywhere.
by PMax March 15, 2008
Blimpie's is the only sandwich shop in the world awesome enough to have originated in Hoboken, NJ. A true Jerseyan can defend that there are differences between a Blimpie and a typical "sub" such as one purchased at Subway, such as the differences in bread used and the Blimpie's superior quality. You do NOT buy a sub at Blimpie's, you buy a BLIMPIE. On an interesting note, when they first opened on Washington St. back in the 60's they gave away goldfish. Unfortunately the little fishies usually would not stay alive for more than a few days. They don't do that anymore, too bad.
Blimpie's is the only nationwide sandwich chain I will eat at, because I love Hoboken and hate Boston.
by someone18 September 10, 2006
(n.) A crappy Sub chain of stores that are rivaled only by Subaway, and Quizno's.
Subway, Quizno's, Blimpie's. It's all horrible food to me.
by G-Union April 16, 2004
This occurs when a female placed several tablets of alkaseltzer in 'bottom' then an uncapped cola beverage is inserted and the whole affair is turned upside down draining the contents of the bottle onto the waiting alkaseltzer. Bloating and 'blimping' occurs immediately following. The recipient enjoys a luke warm beverage 'al a blimpy'.
Damn, that's the freshest blimpy I've had in hours!!
by DB December 09, 2003

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