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The burbiest town in Hudson County, New Jersey. Until the 1950's it was most well-known for its pig farms. In the 70's and 80's it became well-known for the outlet shops and warehousing. Now it's mostly known as a place for NYC tourists to find cheap(er) accomodations and big-box shopping, as well as the outlets waaaay across town. No more pig farms, just a handful of residents who act like pigs. Many people in town are long-time residents and are good people with a Jersey "attitude", though in the past few years there are more immigrants seeping in. Despite that 2/3rds of the town's land (most of that being swamp) is owned by Hartz Mountain, Secaucus still has a real small-town feel, just drive down Paterson Plank Road and see. Marra Drugs is delightfuly old school, hope it stays around even though CVS moved in across the street. Natoli's Pizza is some good stuff. One of the country's first Blimpie's outside of Hoboken opened up here next to the old Acme/present CVS. Damn, do I miss that Acme.
I hate it when the news reporters say they are reporting from "suh-CAH-cus." It's SEE-caw-cuss, stupids! If you say it that way to someone from Secaucus you'd get your ass kicked straight into the Hackensack.
by someone18 September 10, 2006
Best damn street in Philly. Despite being burdened by the unfortunate presences of a few chain places like Starbucks, Whole Foods, Gap and Johnny Rockets there are awesome and unique joints like Condom Kingdom and Ishkabibbles, though unfortunately Spaceboy just closed. TLA (Theater of the Living Arts) always has good shows. The Pearl art store there roxors too.
South street is a good place to get music, t-shirts, cheesesteaks or drunk.
by someone18 September 10, 2006
1. Large co-educational Catholic high school in where else but Paramus. Not exactly the premier Catholic high school in Bergen County, but it does have the bubble out back now. It's kind of overcrowded and is often criticized for that, as well as the astounding number of potheads the school matriculates every year. Mr. Agostino keeps it real though, and if you're really a troublemaker you usually get black-bagged. There's good things about the school like the bus that goes straight into the city (163), and the other bus that drops you off at the Garden State Plaza (756). In literature the school often touts its diversity, and in all honesty they're not lying.

2. Where me and a lot of other people in my town went to high school because the 163 happens to run through my town.

3. Where a lot of Bergen and Passaic County kids go to school either because they prefer the appearance of the PC uniform over the uniform of another school or because they have moderately rich parents and their friends from the next town over are going too.
1. Paramus Catholic is the largest private school in New Jersey and they have "rigorous" admission standards.

2. Yep, it's 7:15 in the morning and a bunch of kids in khaki pants and plaid skirts are standing on a corner. Must be PC kids.

3. Omg i was gonna go to IHA, but thn lyk I relaized PC has a cuter uniform nd lyk my friend Kaylee from Maywood is going thur to soo I told my mom if she made me go to IHA I wuz gonna go psyco nd she wuz lyk ok.
by someone18 September 07, 2006
A food delicacy from God-knows-where that can be found for sale on lunch carts in downtown New York City. It comes on a stick, not in a bowl. Tastes best when washed down with a few cans of crab juice.
I wanted pizza for lunch but I had to settle for a few sticks of klav khalash.
by someone18 September 10, 2006
Where I'm from. People from outside Bergen/Hudson/Passaic counties constantly confuse it with Woodbridge, which sucks because we're maybe 1/10th the size and none of our mayors have ascended to the title of "faggiest state governor in American history." Lots of little white emo kids, usually Italian, Irish, or Polish with parents who grew up in Hudson County or somewhere else nearby. Also originally home to Frankie Muniz and that pigeon lady, but I think she's supposed to move out by next year? Far from the ghetto, but farther from the rolling hills of suburbia in upper Bergen County. Solid middle and/or working class for the most part. The entire west side of the town is an industrial dump bordered by a nice little wooded area where you can go drinking but they're putting a goddamned strip mall with mini McMansions and a middle school in there now.
Wood-Ridge is a small town with a lot of old people and a lot of emo kids. Wesmont sucks though, Curtiss-Wright was a great place to go get drunk and do shit.
by someone18 September 08, 2006
Term used by Philly-area locals for King of Prussia mall or the town/area.
The traffic in KOP is always a nightmare at rush hour because of the mall and office parks combined with the plethora of highways.
by someone18 September 08, 2006
Blimpie's is the only sandwich shop in the world awesome enough to have originated in Hoboken, NJ. A true Jerseyan can defend that there are differences between a Blimpie and a typical "sub" such as one purchased at Subway, such as the differences in bread used and the Blimpie's superior quality. You do NOT buy a sub at Blimpie's, you buy a BLIMPIE. On an interesting note, when they first opened on Washington St. back in the 60's they gave away goldfish. Unfortunately the little fishies usually would not stay alive for more than a few days. They don't do that anymore, too bad.
Blimpie's is the only nationwide sandwich chain I will eat at, because I love Hoboken and hate Boston.
by someone18 September 10, 2006

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