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To recieve oral sex from a female while taking a shit.
You know you've got a quality girl when she'll give you a blimpie.
by Joel September 07, 2003
59 43
Much like a Blumpkin, the Blimpie involves getting a blowjob whilst excreting a bowl movement. However, the Blimpie adds one more tantalizing aspect to this already desirable treat. Combine the Blumpkin with eating a sandwich, preferably a meaty foot long, and you my friend have the euphoric Blimpie.
Frankenstein: "So last night I was taking a shit and my girlfriend walks in and starts giving me head outta the blue. So I'm all like woaaah bitch! I'm trying to eat my sammich!"

The Wolfman: "Ohhh you mean a Blimpie?"
by Nick Greeno February 27, 2007
31 25
Euphemism for penis
I want to feed that chick all of my Blimpie.
by Gus Van de Peter November 14, 2009
5 16