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So black that one appears slick- like oil.
I thought I was dark til I seen dat nigga- his ass is blick!
by Chuck March 20, 2004
307 173
a person who is so dark they blend with the night sky,
sometimes are barely noticeable when light are switched off
a blick african you see down the road
a usful song ba ba blick sheep have any bleach?
by ladeeD August 15, 2006
224 154
heavy high powered automatic weapons.
AR-15s, AK-47, M-16s.
Yo son get da blicks and blast on dem fools.

I got extra blicks and extra clips
by Iceberg $lim December 04, 2008
11 3
a big butt , a fat ass , etc . .
yaoooo , you seen shawty over there ? she got the blick !
by jae gunnahhhh August 02, 2013
7 5
When a streetlight goes out near you for seamingly no reason
I was waiting at the bus stop when the LPG above me blicked.
by Osbaston February 07, 2014
0 0
The flap of skin that connects the penis shaft to the scrotum.
Little johnny got a piercing on his dick blick.
by redpandaaa January 16, 2012
20 37
To have pleasure in licking men's anuses.
Wow, He's being a blick!
by blicklover June 04, 2011
10 29