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Bostonian for "Car"
"Hey Hah-vey, go pahk the cah!"
by ::analogue:: August 29, 2003
acronym for "civic accord honda". username of a misguided young soul on a honda tuner website.
1. alternate definition = "rice"
that giant wing is so CAH!
by jonrichert November 16, 2006
Cah; Another term for the abbreviated word Because ( 'cause )
That's not reppin, cah he's a bum hole.
by K-co. July 10, 2008
How we say "car" in Boston. We don't say cah if the next word starts with a vowel, it just don't happen. Like "What kind of CAR is this?" Not said CAH
Don't take my fuckin cah, you neva bring it back.
by some polak September 22, 2004
RI/MA slang for a car, as in an automobile.
My damn cah broke down.
by Eric July 19, 2004
A term originated in Lowermorland representing , to show when you don't give a fuck about what the person is saying and or for jerky guys to try to look cool.
Annoying Girl: " I have 20 pairs of uggs"
Boy: "CAH!"
by hopelesslydevotedtoyou January 11, 2011
1. scumbag king
2. not so mysterious shady person
3. selfish
"Hey how'd you make that money?"
"Somehow, chilling, not telling cuz you might get richer than me"
"f*ck you CAH! shasty bitch"
by 92Caregiver August 13, 2008

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