Sometimes things go wrong or if you´re dissasitisfied with something you can go "blerp", blerp is also synonimous with the phrase "fuck it"
Sending of file failed.....
Friend Who sends file: what?
J/M/T/M: the file transfer fucked up!
by J/M/T/M December 13, 2003
Top Definition
v. to overlay a text, video, photo or other content on an existing website without modifying the website itself
n. a comment, vbut not modifying ideo, photo or other content overlaying an existing website
He blerped a review on

Did you read the blerp about that celebrity on
by oogablog May 21, 2009
Means "duh", "of course" or "totes obvi"
can be used in lieu of the duh-ish word "derp"
"hey bro, did you get an A on that test?"
"ummmm, BLERP!!"
by Gagagurl January 14, 2012
Blerp is when you or a group of people are doing something illegal and, out of nowhere, you get caught by the police.
"bro i was so stoked to burn that blunt, but that fuckin pig blerped us. now we gotta do community service"
"yeah, fuck the pigs"
by 925Jimbo May 01, 2009
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