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(n) A ball ledge. The place on a man's inner thighs upon which, when seated, his balls rest. Usually characterized by smooth, hairless skin.
Sitting with his overweight cat on his lap, the man felt undue pressure on his bledge.
by clarified butter January 05, 2011
A term used by the sterotype 'charver' as an alternative to 'squashing', 'crushing' or 'splatting' an object.
'Who yee, ya daft cu*t... Im going to bledge ya fanny in win a Mel
by Geordie June 06, 2003
A testicular wedgie caused by one's pants seam to ride up into the genital area and separate said balls in such a way it's uncomfortable.
Offspring of the 'moose knuckle'
"My pants were so tight they gave me a bledge."
I had a bledge so fierce my penis hemorrhage blood for days.
by Mr.Mcfly July 12, 2013
A flexibly term with many meanings, can be used in almost any situation.
Ow Keegan, have a bledge at Shola Ameboabie, hes a riiiight player
by SholaTheBoabiee August 14, 2010
The faith to save the new world in the 21st century. This was founded in honour of the presence of Bledge in and around Plymouth university, uk.
The place of worship is mainly the Sherwell Centre, however many people have been known to worship in the students union.

bledger - follower of bledge
by james cookworthy January 23, 2008
See "chav" for reference.

This term for the chav orginiated in Newport, South Wales (U.K.) and was based on "chavs" who weren't rich enough to purchase the burberry, they tend to wear tracksuits with the bottoms tucked into their socks. Usually with bad teeth and a vocabulary all of their own.
"I need to go over to AllSports and get a new pair of trainers for the gym..."
"...don't go there all the bledges are harassing the clerk for free reebok jackets."
by love_nothing May 30, 2005
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