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An acronym for "Private Storyline". This is usually used when a person from a role play community asks if you would like to take the two characters you currently play into a premise outside of that set by the community.

Or, when you find someone who also role plays and you want to do a storyline just including the two of you.
1 : You wanna do something different? This com's getting pretty boring.
2 : PSL?

1 : Hey you rp! Wanna do a PSL?
by love_nothing June 10, 2005
See "chav" for reference.

This term for the chav orginiated in Newport, South Wales (U.K.) and was based on "chavs" who weren't rich enough to purchase the burberry, they tend to wear tracksuits with the bottoms tucked into their socks. Usually with bad teeth and a vocabulary all of their own.
"I need to go over to AllSports and get a new pair of trainers for the gym..."
"...don't go there all the bledges are harassing the clerk for free reebok jackets."
by love_nothing May 30, 2005

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