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Another word for having sex
"I like your syle, wanna blast?"
by Julia January 08, 2003
To blow violently
Dude, do you think she'll blast me?
by Zafo_Mulholland May 16, 2011
the act of ejaculating on another person's face
You Kes, you blasted that chick last night?

Damn, she's bangin', I want to blast that bitch.
by Killah Kes November 19, 2010
Violent diarrhea. Most commonly found on public rest room walls, floors, or on the back of toilets. Also known as “AMD” or “Almost Made it Diarrhea” it occurs when a person with diarrhea is in dire need of a rest room and almost makes it to the toilet bowl, but ends up shitting all over everything else in the stall.
Did you clean the mens room? Hell no! Someone had blast all over the place in there.
by M. Jordan January 18, 2008
Shoot with a firearm.
I ran around with the best killers,
thug criminals and drug dealers.
Blasting niggas if they come near us.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
As fast as you can go
You guys better blast this 100 free or we will do a really hard set after!!!
by crazyhead247 March 16, 2009
to be good
That boy is BLAST at football
by DJ225BOI November 08, 2010