As fast as you can go
You guys better blast this 100 free or we will do a really hard set after!!!
by crazyhead247 March 16, 2009
Slang; Sarcastic/Ironic. Used in a scenario to define an activity that is in fact NOT a blast and totally boring and/or useless.
"That secret santa program we had at work was a BLAST!"
by Steve Coworker November 21, 2008
the point where someones pisses you off so bad, you bout to knock the mess outta dem...or *blast* em
Nigga im bout to blast the fuck outta your bitch ass
by Miss Jordan<3 November 24, 2005
v. to vomit. usually as a result of drinking too much in one sitting, though blast can be used freely as a synonym for vomit.

n. vomit
Dude, I you're so wasted. You just blasted all over the hood of that Caddy.
by doppler May 12, 2004
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