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whoever that bitch is who keeps writing about fucking blast as if its any of her business needs to shut the fuck up. Honestly, what's more pathetic, that we do a show you don't like, or that you take the time to A-watch it, and B-write fucking essays online about it?? Jesus Christ, why don't you get a fucking life? You're on CHEERLEADING and you're calling girls in Blast sluts? are you serious?? You think it's more impressive to kick your legs *hopefully* at the same time and spell out words real nice and loud than it is to sing songs and do actual dancing on a stage where people pay money to watch it? Who comes to see you "perform"? People come to games to watch the PLAYERS and possibly, to look up your skirts when you jump up and down, which isn't demeaning at all. By the way, what the hell is wrong with you that you hate or are just afraid of homosexuals to this point? Repressed emotions maybe? Maybe you're just fucking nuts, but it's people like you that start wars and join the KKK and make the world an angry and intolerant place. I hope you read this someday and feel sick to your stomache that you were such a repulsive person. What right do you have to make judgements about people your age for their sexual orientation or choice to dance on stage or on a football field? By the way, what girl talks like you? My god, ever heard of class? where'd you learn how to speak english, the howard stern show?Buy a fucking dictionary for god's sake.
what example of you being a bitch could i possibly use that'd be more accurate than your own entry?
by blastgirl May 08, 2005

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