Smoke marijuana that's been heated between two knives; do blades.
he does so much blasting he hasn't got an unmarked knife to give to company.
by PBrain December 17, 2006
Blast from the Past is not a "recruiting station for faggots of churchill". It is actually a group of talented students coming together through music to give our school something to be pround of. Don't enjoy it? Don't come. We dont give a shit. As for the director being gay? Why should that matter? Still bitter he turned you down? Honestly, are u surprised? You ugly piece of shit. Overpriced? Maybe a little but ur from potomac what are u complaining about? Obviously whoever wrote the previous definition of Blast is a huge douche bag with no friends and alot of free time on their hands. Blast is the shit, and dont you forget it.
Girl 1- Wow those guys sitting infront of us during "Blast" that were making fun of it the whole time were such assholes.
Girl 2- They're probably just jealous since most of the guys in Blast actually get ass, unlike themselves.
Girl 1-Haha TOTALLY
by BlastDiva05 April 08, 2005
(to) shit.
(to blast a dookie)
-to blast a dookie.
-i gotta blast.
-holy fucking shit, she just blasted all over his fucking face!
by peter January 26, 2005
another name for having to take a violent poop
all that peanut butter i ate gave me the blasts
by Brian November 29, 2003
okay this is for the bitch that says balst is for girls that could not make cheerleading and poms....bitch we have pommies and cheerleaders in blast. see how much your bitch ass knows. don't say there isn't any talent in the show until i hear you sing and try to perfrom for hundreds even thousands of people every year. untill you do that then you can say something. for your info we have people that are fmaous now from doing blast if u watched the new show on wb with fran fine her son on the show is a former chs student that did blast and we have tons of other people doing awesome things. you and your oversized self can go sit in a corner and starve herself and throw so u can show everyone you can cheer and spell. wow you know how to spell "score" and "dawgs" omg! when did we learn that kindergarden. i hate people like you that judge without knowing a damn thing. an as for me i wa sin balst and i will be singing in constitution hall in two weeks. see if we dont have talented people now. I bet ur bitch ass cant even dance. You call cheerleading and poms real dancing. oh i want you to go to the clubs and go to PG schools and tell me whose the real dancers. i bet you have CRD caucasion rhythm downsyndrome. i dont even know why i'm wasting my time leaving you a message.

blastchica: can u beleive that girl was hatin because she didnt get in blast.
blastdiva05: she tried to insult blast but she got knocked the fuck out.
by blastchica05 May 10, 2005
whoever that bitch is who keeps writing about fucking blast as if its any of her business needs to shut the fuck up. Honestly, what's more pathetic, that we do a show you don't like, or that you take the time to A-watch it, and B-write fucking essays online about it?? Jesus Christ, why don't you get a fucking life? You're on CHEERLEADING and you're calling girls in Blast sluts? are you serious?? You think it's more impressive to kick your legs *hopefully* at the same time and spell out words real nice and loud than it is to sing songs and do actual dancing on a stage where people pay money to watch it? Who comes to see you "perform"? People come to games to watch the PLAYERS and possibly, to look up your skirts when you jump up and down, which isn't demeaning at all. By the way, what the hell is wrong with you that you hate or are just afraid of homosexuals to this point? Repressed emotions maybe? Maybe you're just fucking nuts, but it's people like you that start wars and join the KKK and make the world an angry and intolerant place. I hope you read this someday and feel sick to your stomache that you were such a repulsive person. What right do you have to make judgements about people your age for their sexual orientation or choice to dance on stage or on a football field? By the way, what girl talks like you? My god, ever heard of class? where'd you learn how to speak english, the howard stern show?Buy a fucking dictionary for god's sake.
what example of you being a bitch could i possibly use that'd be more accurate than your own entry?
by blastgirl May 08, 2005
Honestly i dont even know how to respond to that last definition. Instead of trying to come up with something funny to say back i think ill just let you go on hating Blast since you seem to be the only person...but i must say your insults were must have taken you weeks to come up with some of those jokes. As i said before, we dont really care if you enjoy it, since its mostly for us that we do it anyway. And as for you being a cheerleader, sweet now when i go to games i'll know which one you are, the fat ugly one who cant dance and couldnt make Blast herself, which was obviously why any of your bullshit was written in the first place. I actually feel sorry for someone who has enough hate as to have such harsh feelings towards someone because of their sexual preferance. Where did u come from? this is Potomac not Alabama. And youre probably right, there are some people with little or no talent in Blast yet they STILL made it over you, so wow you must suck balls just like the rest of us right? Well now im gonna go do homework or something intellegent while you sit here on your ass staring at the computer screen trying OH SO hard to come up with more comebacks. You must also be a huge pussy if you're so afraid to say any of this out loud instead of writing it online. In stead of responding again, leave your email address and we can talk about this one on one,or face to face if you have the balls(which you probably dont).

Love your Idol,

P.S. I cant belive you're a cheerleader @ CHS and YOU'RE tell ME to respect myself?
Me: Wow look at that cheerleader she sucks Im almost embarassed for her.
Blaster: Ohh maybe thats the bitch whos been writing all that shit about Blast on! Lets go beat her ass!
Me: OH YEAH! No wonder shes so bitter look @ her! Haha no shes embarassed herself enough to last her a life time we dont need to go fight her to make her look bad.
by BlastDiva05 May 08, 2005

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