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The gas bacteria in the large intestine produce when feeding on your feces. It's what gives crap and farts their smell. The release of flatus is called flatulence.
John farted some stanky flatus after eating at Taco Bell.
by WindWaker68 April 06, 2004
Not to be confused with the term "flatus", meaning fart gases, this word with the same spelling is pronounced "FLAW-TOOSE". Multiple meanings, but basically the Alaskan equivalent of the Hawaiian "Aloha".

Can be used to mean tired, drunk, bad or unfortunate. Also can be used as a greeting to say hello or goodbye. See examples below.
How was the football game? Man, it was flatus!
by Megaflatus November 17, 2010
Flatus is intestinal gas, also known as a fart
His passing stinky flatus and then blaming me for it was a real suckalation.
by TV John February 28, 2012