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It's when two basketball referees fuck up. One official calls a block foul and another official calls a charge foul on the same play at the same time.
bl (block) arge (charge) = blarge
by JdOz28 August 12, 2006
The sound a Zombie Penguin makes upon locating its human prey.
Tim: "Whats that sound?"
Jerry: "What, the Blarge sound?"
Tim: "Yeah that."
Jerry: "Oh, crap, the Zombie Penguins must be invading again."
by Reveran April 01, 2011
this word means shut up or fuck. =p
you can say these things:

blarge you
or maybe
shut the blarge up!

also this world is pronounced as blarg. forget the "e" but that's how you say it.
by Flarin Erin November 09, 2006
- the way someone might feel after an eventful, sleep-deprived weekend
"Whoa...Chelsea Adams is blarge today", "she must be, its monday"
by eric February 14, 2005
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