a word that pops in your head when your teacher talks. or ur parents or ANYONE BORING (:
Teacher starts talking about math...
Annie hears blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
by annie linendoll January 10, 2009
1. an adolescent that does not seem to display any signs of a real personality

2. the opposite of an ogre - a person with no layers
"Margaret, will you please go find yourself a characteristic other than BLAH?"
by Alexa&Molly January 19, 2006
An acronym of Boredom, Lassitude, Apathy, and Halfassidness referring to states of mediocrity and suckitude.
The daily grind of working for The Man has Mary Louise walking through a haze of blah.
by Eclecktic1 October 18, 2010
An acronym secretly meaning Badly Lacking A Hobby. Used by no lifers who live a very sheltered life.
"Theres nothing to do today, i'm so blahhhhhhhhh"
by Neverlution March 03, 2010
the most amazing word which can be used for absolutely anything
i feel so blah
by ashwini vijayakumar November 10, 2009
1. a word i just typed in the look up box
2. also a word that people use when they have nothing else to say
Hannah: blah
Will: what was that for?
Hannah: i have nothing else to say, BLAH!
by lol2myself May 13, 2009
a word used to describe somthing when you have no idea what to say; Or to descride when your massively bored ;
Like omg im just like well she doesnt cause that make drama ..... "noo are you dumb shes so ..... so ..... so ......uhhh <b>Blah

Heyy how are you "Blahhish"
by Suany March 29, 2008

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