the magical word that means anything
"What are you doing?"

"Oh yeah, I know right?"
by J-Thizzz April 12, 2008
1. Used to explain a feeling of being sick.
ex. "Oh my god Julia..uhh I just feel like blah."

2. Said in a conversation when no one else is talking.
ex. Sunglasses446 (10:46:07): Sean is annoying.
emofuck x (10:46:13): Yeah he is.
Sunglasses446 (10:52:46): blah.
(notice timestamps)

3. When used repeatedly is mean't as someone talking to much or replaced for a part of a story/gossip that is not important.
ex. Well you know that Sally is going out with John blahblahblah but did you know she had sex with Steven last week?
Examples above.
-Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words.
-Example doesn't use the word blah. Use the word in a sentence.
Now it does.
by REAL Definitions x April 16, 2006
A personality trait of someone completely monotone, uninteresting, unappealing, and most of all over rated; "brings nothing to the table".
Everyone I've talked to says that girl is amazing and gorgeous, but I've talked to her and she just seemed...well kinda BLAH.
by BuzzzzzzzzLightYeaRRRRRRRRR October 20, 2011
a word to describe something you don't like doing
I just got back from buying groceries, now doing laundry.. blah
by downhill_druid January 03, 2010

it can be used an adjective or a noun or and exclamation when the words cannot be found
"and it was like Blah"
"she's so BLAH"
by crazyfacehair May 24, 2005
how to say "hi" to esther yu
by hongster July 02, 2012
An acronym of Boredom, Lassitude, Apathy, and Halfassidness referring to states of mediocrity and suckitude.
The daily grind of working for The Man has Mary Louise walking through a haze of blah.
by Eclecktic1 October 18, 2010

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