Local Boston slang, meaning "stoned".

Can also be modified in any appropriate way.
I was mad blah for my college interview, I don't think they noticed.

I blah-ed before the concert, it made it that much more sick!

Yo, you blah?

No, let's go blah!

by the next jazz sax great March 22, 2008
You can say blah when you don't care about something.
You can say blah when someone talks to you and you're doing something completely different.
You can say blah to ignore things that happen around you.
Moderator: You do know that evasion of known wordfilters will eventually result in deletion?

Member: Blah, w/e
by Rehtonaetrof October 23, 2007
Blah is defined as a belief of complete emptyness in Instant messages like AIM when its really full of emotions that the individual is afraid to realize because they feel that they need to hide their emotions because they dont feel its right to say them at the time; or the fact that they might have hid it from themselves for what they felt was their own good
John: So what do you think about me right now as more than a friend?
Elizabeth: Uhhh; Blah. . .
John: What is that to mean?
Elizabeth: Nothing at all it means its i dont know what it means

Elizabeth loved me the whole time just hid it from herself
by John Wagenaar March 13, 2006
when one is severely blazed
"Yo, I'm mad blahed right now"
by Nalex May 13, 2009
To smoke weed, plain and simple.
Ben: Let's go blah!
DJ: Word, I got the bong and the bomb tree.
by Lylef May 03, 2009
The Act of Blazing. The "AH" in blah replaces azing. This is commonly used to code the word blazing. In belmont MA.
Lets go blah

yo tryna blah?

Who did you blah with?

Soo blahed.
by jrizz blizz February 16, 2009
1. Dull; boring event
2. To diss someone or something
1. I had a very blah day today.
2. Your face is blah!
by Edrianna February 23, 2008

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