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The sound that often accompanies the male ejaculatory response in the heat of passion.

Alternate defintion: The ejaculation and its material itself.
"Gonchar scores!!! BLAAAHHHHH!!!!"

"Did you just blah?"

"Oh sorry, was that too soon?"
by overnightnhl May 03, 2010
59 57
A word used to vent frustration, it also helps to get out anger and can be used to explain one's feeling.
Heather: What's Up?

Lucy: Blahhhhh everything!
by LittleRave February 14, 2009
10 8
A word that means nothing, yet it means everything... Blah is by far the most badass word on the planet, and can be used as a response to any possible question, or just something to say when things get awkward....
Person: "Hi! what's up?"

Me: "Blah"

person: "Huh???"

Me: "BLAH!!!!!!!!"

person: "Ok then..."
by BLAHAHAHAHAHAH December 01, 2012
2 1
A word used (esp by lawyers) meaning "block of text" or "something not worth articulating". Note that some users of the word in this sense are probably not very "urban"
...at paragraph 5 it says 'the Minister can be contacted by wrting to BLAH please allow 29 working days for a reply'
by inchiki November 30, 2010
5 5
A girl that is so horrible that no words can describe her.
You are the most vapid, whiny, BLAH i've ever met!
by Jojoba Loofah Milktowel July 10, 2008
9 9
how to say "hi" to esther yu
by hongster July 02, 2012
1 2
A personality trait of someone completely monotone, uninteresting, unappealing, and most of all over rated; "brings nothing to the table".
Everyone I've talked to says that girl is amazing and gorgeous, but I've talked to her and she just seemed...well kinda BLAH.
by BuzzzzzzzzLightYeaRRRRRRRRR October 20, 2011
1 2