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a stronger emotional word than no, there is more feeling in it, u reall mean it
ugly bloke: i am going 2 mastabate 2 your picture later
girl: noo
by cheese monger July 26, 2005
Exclamation commonly 'uttered' from negative cows.

Meesh: Did you just define the word 'noo' using a pun?

Travis: I did

Meesh: Noo!
#oom #no #cow #fanta #emo #pun
by Travis? October 26, 2005
Describes something which is new to the observer, but may not be new to the general population.
The article I just posted is noo, therefore it may or may not be new.
#new #new to me #old #undiscovered #fresh
by inv January 12, 2008
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