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1. To kill someone, and put their body in a black bag.

2. To destroy; overpower.
In Ciara's song, "Basic Instinct (U Got Me)", she says, "And when I see the stage, I'mma black-bag that bitch."
#ciara #black bag #kill #overpower #destroy
by MissTMotional April 26, 2010
That in which a black man's testicles is contained.
Clarence: "I ain't never doing no yoga again, i done ripped half way open my black bag!"

Leroy: "Snap my negroid companion!"
#negroid #black #bag #man #ball #testicle #other testicle #rip
by Skippy Doo Daddle May 13, 2010
trash; used to describe something or someone that is trash/trashy

origin: The original trash bag is a large, black bag.
Ex. 1: Man those shoes iz black bag.
Ex. 2: That chick is ugly man, she black bag.
Ex. 3: The Harlem World Diplomats AIN'T black bag. Dipset!! Dipset!!
by Tha 1ne August 09, 2005
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