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When someone gives away a secret they weren't supposed to tell. past tense: blabbed.
Please don't blab my secret.

Christina blabbed to Joe that I like him.
by ihavenothingbettertodo August 10, 2005
47 10
Acronym for Bottom Line After Bullshit
Person 1: "What's the deal with Megan?"

Person 2: *Long Story* followed by -

"BLABS - she wants to S on my D"
by ebeasy February 01, 2010
13 2
the stomach rolls that are the offspring of blubber and abs.
We went to the beach and my dad was showing off his blabs.
by pawljimz February 12, 2011
5 3
Derived from blurt and kebab

A woman's plump or padded vagina
Good grief, I can smell that fat fuckers blab from here.
by Timson5stripe January 30, 2014
1 0
"Buffering Liek a Bastard" - An internet slang term for when video is streaming over a slow connection and you are constantly receiving "buffering" errors.
This video stream keeps on BLABing ( "Buffering like a bastard" )
by brx386 December 17, 2010
4 3
It is referenced in a Jay Z song. BIG LONG ASS BOAT
We be big pimpin on the b.l.a.b.
by Nilla2 February 15, 2012
2 3
Acronym/abbreviation for "Bawling Like A Baby". The next LOL. See FLAB.
"I am deeply touched by your kindness...BLAB."
by Infinite Monkeys October 26, 2011
1 2