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A company in Beaverton, Oregon that was acquired by Solectron, famous for making up reasons for canning people. A great deal of people got their foot in the door of the tech industry by starting as a call center slob at Stream International.
"Dude I got canned from Stream today." "I guess you should try Pinkerton then."
by Majik Fox January 28, 2004
A way to watch out-of-market sports or wrestling/boxing/MMA PPVs for free.
Fuck paying $70 for Wrestlemania, I'm just gonna stream that bitch.
by A.C. Sativa April 22, 2013
To listen to media as it is being downloaded.
I was listening to a shoutcast stream of some phat beats.
by Majik Fox February 02, 2004
Internet media similar to streaming sites such as You Tube that allows watching and listening to anything from tv shows to computer games being played live without waiting for the download to finish, watching and listening as a stream downloads.
I am watching MLG Starcraft 2 stream right now, great games so far. I wonder who will win.

Hey TLO is streaming right now, come and watch with me!
by beetlelisk May 07, 2012
Music or video from the internet being Streamed to either a Computer, Phone or TV.

Stream can also be used as another word for pee.

Can also be used to describe something that has gone mainstream.
Carl: i wanted to listen to the new Slipknot CD but it was sold out.

Luke: Why didn't ya just stream it online.


Nick: Why you dancing around for?

Kyle: i'm busting to stream.


Richard: You heard the new Bieber Shite

Chris: Yeah I can't believe that's gone Stream
by Heff Heff Heff January 08, 2012
A computer video monitor.
Next time I get paid. Ima get me a 17 inch LCD stream.
by moogie January 02, 2005
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