a Manchester City FC and their supporters; can only be used by Manchester United supporters in reference to their rivals.
We got beaten twice this season by the bitters

by butchasteve February 29, 2008
1) Possessing the quality of bitterness
2) Maintaining a presence in the realm of bitterness
Look how mad Anatoly is, bitter because Norman graffitied his van.
by The J men May 23, 2005
Something that is bitter is comparable to "Cool" or "Sweet"
Yo that guy had some bitter dance moves!
by TheBits January 04, 2010
scorn towards others, most intelligent people are to be loathed, especially ones that at a moment think they have the upper hand over what you do. They act like they know fucking everything, well here's to you jerks, I have at least 1 specialty and you can't take that away from me, unless you're god and have all high power. Remotely fun at the highest these people are, but mostly tormenting and distantly unfair.
God I'm so bitter with those high paid, high educated jerks that think they have it all, but they really have nothing, no soul. So just drag people like me through the gutters like you always do.
by just another day of life November 30, 2009
noun- Good, Sweet, Cool. Originally created by a school administrator hoping to create a new slang term. Inspired by the seemingly opposite and counterintuitive nature of many pop culture terms.
Harry Potter 5 was so bitter, dude.
by Paul Holmes August 05, 2007
copying somesone's original and fresh idea
Michelle: "yo dat girl Aaliyah, isz a bitter, she copied ma slang wurd, Drippin".
by stephy_bu May 16, 2008
someone hu takes someone elses word
so some is like that was mad od. and another person goes up that person and is like yo u a mad bitter
by bitter123 April 03, 2007

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