When a person has had too many disappointments in his/her life and is thus never happy for anyonelse...in fact, he/she would like for everyonelse to be as miserable as him/her.
Jenn: like, omg! I showed Brenda my engagement ring today and she wouldn't even congratulate me.

Heather: like, yea! She's so bitter!
by meowyes July 10, 2008
To be hateful or jealous of another person things .

(Usually fake bitches)
Tyra was bitter when she found out Linda was hooking up with Scotty , the finest boy in town .

Cindy was bitter when Jen .her "best friend " , told her she got a brand new Michael Kors purse from her boo,john .

Cameron was bitter after Leslie told her she got a new well paying job .
by Timmy doe December 09, 2013
ref below;about accurate on the abv, but not generally pale, although the new trend for "summer beers" tends to be going that way. Traditional pale ales are different as they tend to be less bitter or strong and are so a different category.IPA:India Pale Ale is again different as it is hoppier and generally paler but in its proper form much stronger, above 6%abv.There is a modern trend to label light hoppy beers as IPA,this is wrong they are pale ales. Duchars is a prime example it is a nice beer but at3.6 definatly not an IPA.
Pint of bitter please landlord
by toymi69 May 29, 2008
The way New Zealanders say "better".
Boy 1: Oh, I feel so "bitter" now. Wow.

Boy 2: Dude, why do you feel bitter?

Boy 1: I said "bitter", as in felt very good. You know the term "never felt "bitter"'.

Boy 2: Oh, you mean "better". What accent is that anyway?

Boy 1: New Zealand
by trublugas May 28, 2011
Someone who bitches about not having followers on Twitter, usually the cause of low self esteem or a large ego.
Did you see Chris's post about not having many followers on Twitter? He is very bitter to this non important situation...douche.
by Ben JAM INN April 10, 2011
English style pale ale. The three types are session bitter (3.5%-4%abv), best bitter (4%-5%abv) and Extra special bitter (over 5%).
English bitter is the finest beer in the world. Much better than that piss water continental lager and american ale.
by Eddie Hunter March 19, 2006
Something that is bitter is comparable to "Cool" or "Sweet"
Yo that guy had some bitter dance moves!
by TheBits January 04, 2010
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