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A working-class white woman who clings to guns and/or religion, smokes a pack of cigarettes every day, voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential primaries, and plans to vote for John McCain out of spite when the general election rolls around.
Kentucky and West Virginia are full of Bitters.

Hey, look at that sour old shotgun-toting Bitter over yonder! What's that, her 10th cigarette break in 2 hours?
by Iacopus July 10, 2008
Another name for John McCain.
Did you see Walnuts' speech last night? You know, the one about inflation. Did he look dead to you or what?
by Iacopus August 08, 2008
Another name for Barack Obama.
Did you see Hopey crush Walnuts in that debate last night? Looks like he may even have convinced a few Bitters to vote for him!
by Iacopus August 08, 2008
A hallucinogenic steakburger marketed by Burger King.
Whoa! I was tripping balls for a week after eating a Steakhouse Shroom and Swiss. Dude, you should try it sometime.
by Iacopus October 26, 2008

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