bride I'd like to fuck
I went to the wedding. She was a real BILF!
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
Bitch I'd Like to Fuck
Spanish: Yo that's a Bilf son

Lambert: the fuck is that?

Spanish: Bitch I'd Like to Fuck
by Sauoce aKa The Peoplez Champ December 02, 2009
Bogan I'd Like To Fuck... When you see the worst dressed, foul/loud mouthed person you wouldn't be caught dead in public with, and find yourself strangely aroused by how attractive their body features are.

"What a BILF!"

"Check out that BILF"

or simply

It's 11am and you've just parked your CAR at the shopping center, as you walk past the bus stop you see a bottle-blonde girl (couple of inches of black/brown re-growth) with a huge rack get off the bus. She is usually wearing an ADIDAS tracky with big hoop earings and some horrible coloured make-up. She then proceeds to speak extremely loudly to her bogan friend who is 50 KG overweight saying something along the lines of: "where's the fuckin' bottlo I need some rum" in front of a crowd of people who all stare and shake their heads, she turns to one onlooker and says "what the fuck you lookin' at" and spits on the ground in front of him. BILF.
by *Brendo* August 12, 2009
Bolduc I'd like to fuck.
Damn, that's a bilf. A Bolduc I'd like to fuck.
by BILF November 23, 2007
Bear I'd Like To Fuck
As in, "I just shot a BILF..."
by Dean The BILF Machine July 07, 2006
biker i'd like to fuck
Unicycle girl is a bilf. I like her.
by Hans Screwvala May 20, 2006
Baldy I'd Like to Fuck
"Dude, Nick Thompson from Hit The Lights is such a BILF!"
"IKR!?! OMFG and what about Mat Love from Mercy Mercedes? NOMM!"
"Ahh, Matt's such a BILF too!"
by tFTW June 24, 2009

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