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Beer Induced Leg Failure. A condition where by the sufferer falls over and hurts themselves or looks stupid. Condition is caused by endulging too much in the glorious amber ale we know as beer. Symptoms which indicate a case of BILF is iminent include swaying and stumbling.
Jamie fell victim to a severe case of BILF during his night out at the pub.
by SmithsonianWA July 21, 2006
Blonde I'd like to fuck
Matt that girl you hang out with, is such a BILF!!
by djmonarch August 18, 2005
Brother I'd Like to Fuck.
Sarah, your brother is a major BILF
by Aleesha May 13, 2003
Boobs I'd like to fuck.
Man, those are some sweet BILF's.
by nantinkspink November 26, 2009
Baby I would like to fuck.
"Dude I saw a stroller today and wanted to fuck that baby. That was a BILF."

"That baby has such luscious loins, what a BILF."
by BallinBalla99 July 09, 2009
boy i'd like to fuck
"Hey dude, look at that hot guy...i want to bilf his little ass."
by Q32 September 10, 2008
Bartender I'd like to fuck!
Not only can she pour a good,she's a hottest bilf I've seen at this bar.
by CROWN PAUL April 07, 2008