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to lift weights, as in weight lifting
that boy could lift 50 lb. dumbells with each arm
by Chris March 18, 2005
used with a negative connotation; to replace words meaning awful, and directed usually at a person, a place of a situation. Used often in the north east of england.
"This is possibly the most lifting party i've ever been to in my life."

"Your patter is absolutely lifting."
by jazzytotem June 10, 2008

1. Picking up, or hauling an object.

2. Moving something from it's resting state by force.

3. Working out, such as using Free-weights (dumbells) or machines to perform an-aerobic exercises to build muscle strength and endurance.
Man, lifting weights all day sure did that boy up.

I can't wait until school gets out so I can go lift.

It's so boring here, I wish I could go do some lifting.
by Chris Fussman November 05, 2006
verb - the term used for having sex with a woman immediately after giving birth. its called lifting because of the way you have to 'lift' the placenta to get in. also see Snoting
dave was caught lifting on kate after she gave birth to a stillborn.
by Captain Whiptastic June 22, 2009
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