5 definitions by nantinkspink

One who hacks and slacks and sometimes fails.
Failcaitlin and Maducha are BorisHackering.
Though more than BorisHackering, Failcaitlin just fails.
by nantinkspink August 04, 2008
A 40 foot long whale penis that currently extends from Miami to Ontario.

Also, one who brings large waves of lag.
What is this horrible lag? UCHa must have arrived.
by nantinkspink August 02, 2008
Describes one who is awesome and sexy at all times.

Phillip is uber awesomexy.
by nantinkspink February 26, 2009
Justin's bust. Bust has many meanings itself, so 'bustin' can be used in many ways.
Have you seen bustin today? It's looking quite good.
by nantinkspink May 18, 2008
Boobs I'd like to fuck.
Man, those are some sweet BILF's.
by nantinkspink November 26, 2009

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