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Baldy I'd Like to Fuck
"Dude, Nick Thompson from Hit The Lights is such a BILF!"
"IKR!?! OMFG and what about Mat Love from Mercy Mercedes? NOMM!"
"Ahh, Matt's such a BILF too!"
by tFTW June 24, 2009
19 41
Bitch I'd Like to Fuck
Spanish: Yo that's a Bilf son

Lambert: the fuck is that?

Spanish: Bitch I'd Like to Fuck
by Sauoce aKa The Peoplez Champ December 02, 2009
2 24
Bilf is a Black girl I'd Like to Fuck.
Look at that ass, that's a BILF!
by bonkheads June 11, 2009
4 26
Baby i'd like to fuck
"man that bilf is fucking sexyyy. I'd tap that."
by Klaus1234 June 09, 2009
13 35
Commonly used acronym for "Baby I'd Like to Fuck."
Damn, I was babysitting my neighbor's kid. Total BILF.
by Joey Orgler 3 February 07, 2008
31 53
bottle id like to fuck.
"dude that gatorade bottle is one hot bilf!"
by volcomon November 30, 2007
20 42
Bolduc I'd like to fuck.
Damn, that's a bilf. A Bolduc I'd like to fuck.
by BILF November 23, 2007
14 36